Tough Luxury-The all new 2010 LR4

October 15th, 2009 by

2010 LR4

With a long standing reputation of building very capable and rugged off road utility vehicles, Land Rovers have been used throughout the world for farming, ambulances, fire trucks, coast guard and air force crash rescue. Land Rover police vehicles have been around almost as long as Land Rovers themselves.

Over time, Land Rover began leaning towards sumptuous interiors and stunning pavement stances over rugged utilitarian design to keep up with urbanizing markets. On pace with a demanding world, the addition of state-of-the-art technologies and plush interiors in models like the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport have made the models so luxurious and exquisite that one becomes slightly squeamish when imagining their Land Rover forging a river. But what about the adventure seeker? Thankfully the Discovery and later LR3 kept us on the trails and in the mud with a touch of refinement. Today’s adventurous and tech savvy client insists on luxurious comfort, technology and the ability to go anywhere or do anything. Enter the LR4.
2010 LR4

Yes, it’s still the boxy Euro-design you’re used to seeing on the LR3 except for a few subtle changes; a sleek new grille, LED head and taillights, new front fenders and a restyled intake section. The 2010 LR4’s Integrated Body-Frame still affords the strength, safety and durability you would expect from a Land Rover. Land Rover’s legendary off-road ability improves on the LR4 with Gradient Release Control, a new off-road function that provides confident and controlled hill descents. GRC works in concert with Hill Descent Control and operates in reverse and in first gear. Still apart of a long list of standard amenities is the award winning Terrain Response System. TRS includes 5 off road settings including a rock crawl mode. Land Rover also adds Sand Launch Control technology, new to the Terrain Response System for 2010.

A host of completely new features add to Land Rover’s most versatile and capable vehicle including the standard Trailer Stability Assist system which helps to make towing LR4’s max. 7,700 lbs. safer by detecting oscillations and automatically applying selective braking when dangerous situations arise. Optional Tow Assist predicts the direction of a trailer when reversing and with the help of a rear view camera, guides the driver to successfully couple the tow bar with the hitch.

An all new engine and transmission also add to the 2010 LR4’s stunning reinvention. The 5.0 Liter naturally aspirated LR-V8 engine touting 375 horsepower and 375 lbs-ft of torque boasts 0-60 in just 7.5 seconds, not bad for a 7 passenger SUV. The completely new ZF 6-speed transmission with adaptive shift strategy swiftly responds to individual driving styles and conditions. 10% faster shift times coupled with a wider range torque converter improve on past fuel economy, despite a giant leap in horsepower. The LR-V8’s new power required some beefy and very important braking performance upgrades. The LR4 now sports 14.2″ front and 13.8″ rear ventilated discs. A revised suspension allows the LR4 to take a beating off road, yet affords a comfortable, sturdy and smooth ride with the help of a refined Understeer Control System and Stability Control System.

2010 LR4So what’s on the inside you ask? The LR4’s interior is one of the most striking changes from the outgoing LR3 model. Like it’s Range Rover siblings, the 2010 LR4 interior was redesigned to please even the most discerning driver. The craftsmanship of the cabin is now compared to much pricier models on the luxury market. Gone is the staunch black center console along with the overabundance of confusing buttons. In it’s place is a sleek command center with conveniently located controls. New premium finish materials bring an elegant and contemporary look to the LR4. Supple leather complete with detailed stitching adorn the cabin. Gorgeous wood trim accents further enhance the overall rich appearance. The posh feel of the LR4 is noticed immediately as you wrap your hands around the perfectly sized, comfy steering wheel and situate into the driver seat; a seat that feels like it was designed just for you.

The new technological offerings on the LR4 complete the transformation of the go anywhere, do anything vehicle into the 21st century tough luxury crusader. An all new TFT (Thin Film Transistor) located between the Speedometer and odometer, displays driver warning and status messages. The TFT screen also highlights key information from the infotainment screen and off-road information from the Terrain Response System.

2010 LR4LR4 ‘s infotainment center houses a new Hard Disk Drive Navigation System making DVD based disc replacements a thing of the past. With the HDD system, updates can be performed during a routine service visit. The HDD system also allows more information to be stored with quicker load time and a more clear and concise display. The infotainment screen also displays the optional back-up camera view and Tow Assist guide.
An all new passive keyless entry system allows you to unlock and start the vehicle with the push of a button. A new portable audio interface allows for easy mp3 and ipod integration with the standard 9 speaker Harmon/Kardon audio system. Your favorite playlists can be skimmed via the center console control or at your finger tips on the steering wheel. Digital dual-zone automatic climate controls make adjusting driver or passenger temperatures quick and effortless. An all new Surround Camera System (optional) includes 5 cameras placed around the outside of the LR4, helpful in parking and low speed maneuvering,LR4 maintains some of the LR3’s cooler options like the center console coolerbox and Alpine roof. Stadium seating for the entire cabin still ensures all occupants share a clear and open view of the surrounding landscapes.

The LR4 looks similar to the LR3 on the outside, however the 2010 LR4 proves true beauty lies within.

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