Range Rover Chosen as Car of the Decade

January 21st, 2010 by

Range Rover
The Range Rover has indeed stood the test of time. Known as the quintesssential luxury automobile, the Range Rover has been voted the Car of the Decade!

Based on a poll conducted by Autocar.co.uk, about 18% (1350) out of 750o voters chose the Range Rover as their choice, beating out other makes such as the Lotus Elise comfortably.


Autocar associate Editor Hilton Holloway rightly put it, “The Range Rover defined a new type of luxury; technically sophisticated, beautifully detailed, modern and yet retrospective. It was an overwhelming presence, but in a way that the majority could admire.”
The first U.S. specification Range Rover went on sale in the United States on March 16. 1987. Since it’s initial launch the Range Rover continues to remain the favortite for luxury car lovers.

Autocar Editor Chas Hallet says, “The Range Rover is a fine choiice for Car of the Decade. Most polls like this have results skewed towards the latter end of the timescale, but not this one. That the Range Rover was launched nine years ago yet remains a benchmark speaks volumes fo the brilliance of it’s design- and for the tatse of the people who voted for it.”

The Range Rover has come a long way over the years, click below for a peak at the all new 2010 Range Rover.

Land Rover Palm Beach, a leading car dealer selling Land Rovers near Fort Lauderdale and surrounding South Florida areas was established in 1987 and is currently one of the largest Land Rover facilities in the USA. We are proud of the rich legacy of Land Rover and the significant role played by the compoany in the automotive history over the last 61 years. Today Land Rover is a manufacturer of luxury sport utility vehicles. Land Rover currently produces four models for the US market, including the Land Rover Range Rover, Land Rover Range Rover Sport, Land Rover LR4 and the Land Rover LR2. Land Rover produces a variety of vehicles for other markets and military use, including the Land Rover Discovery, Land RoverFreelander and the Land Rover Defender. Land Rover manufactured a wide range of body styles over the years including lightweight trucks, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles and wagons.

Look for an extensive “History of Land Rover” piece on this blog soon!