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April 24th, 2009 by

Dirty Fun

Celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary in 2009, this year’s Muddy Buddy Ride & Run Series will be the best ever! Why you ask? Is it because the challenge has added 4 new events to accomodate the huge response? Is it because Land Rover Certified Pre-Owned is one of the returning sponsors? Or is it because over 35,000 people are slated to participate nationwide? Well almost, the best reason is the event is a continuing fundraiser for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. However, coming in a close second is the participation of our very own(pictured Lt-Rt) Frank Derosa, Bobby Simpson, Crissy Hawkins and Janett Oliver!

Dirty Fun

It all came about when Parts manager for Land Rover Palm Beach Frank Derosa approached Robert Simpson, co-owner of Palm Beach Motor Cars and Land Rover Palm Beach on sponsoring a team to participate in Muddy Buddy. With the help of Fidel Myorga, New Car Sales Manager of Land Rover Palm Beach, Mr. Simpson decided to sponsor 2 teams, the Sporty Rovers (Hawkins & Oliver) and the LRPB Mudders (Simpson and Derosa.)

Beginning in March, our dedicated muddy buddy’s embarked on a rigorous six week training to prepare for the sold-out 6 mile Orlando course. In order to get in top shape by May 9th for Muddy Buddy Orlando, each team has kept a strict schedule of cross- training, running and biking every other day for 1- 2 hours. While both teams have trained for the event, is there really anyway to prepare for the 60 ft. mud pit they must crawl through to get to the finish line?

“That is going to be the best part! ” laughed Crissy Hawkins.

Prior to reaching the homestretch of the course, the 60-ft mud swimming hole, the teams will engage in a leap-frog ride and run course that features 6 different obstacles. With an emphasis on teamwork, the Muddy Buddy event has each team trade off between mountain biking and trail running with each of the five legs of the course marked by various obstacles like climbing walls, cargo nets and monkey bars.
Dirty Fun

“Training for Muddy Buddy has gotten me in better shape and has helped me realize how much better I feel being more active,” said Derosa.

Along with getting in shape, the participants also enjoy raising awareness for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. CAF began in 1993 as a fundraiser to help a single challenged athlete and grew into broader mission and organization that provides financial and emotional support through sport to individuals with physical challenges. To date, the CAF has assisted over 3,300 challenged athletes worldwide and reaches more than 60,000 individuals annually with it’s programs and outreach. With the help of events like Muddy Buddy, CAF has raised over $19,000,000 in the past 15 years.

Funds raised through the Muddy Buddy Challenge will help buy adaptive athletic equipment like prosthetics, hand-cyles and racing wheelchairs for challenged athletes. The funds and support from CAF help to create confidence and an active lifestyle that includes fitness and competitive sport. Land Rover Certified Pre-Owned has been the title sponsor for the event since 2004 and has helped raised $31,500 for the CAF cause.

In addition to the Ride and Run Challenge, the entire weekend, held at Disney’s Wide World of Sports is a festival with sponsored booths and food. Other events include Mini Muddy Buddy, a chance for your little one to get dirtier than you ever thought you’d allow and the Muddy Buddy BBQ.

A huge mud pit, some very crazy uniforms, the spirit and adventure of Land Rover partnered with a great cause make Muddy Buddy good dirty, fun.

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