DNA-X 2015 Backyard Edition: Range Rover Sport Diesel

November 5th, 2015 by

Thanks to Land Rover Palm Beach, the Discover North America Expedition Crew recently had the opportunity to “borrow” a new Range Rover Diesel Sport for 48 hours! We did not think a drive to the mall or the beach was sufficient to exercise such a capable vehicle so we went off the beaten track to discover some local treasures.

Land Rover

When you get tired of sitting in South Florida traffic remember that not so far away another world is right over that condo. Straddling the Martin and Palm Beach County line is the Dupuis Wildlife and Environmental Area. Enter off of SR 76 west of Stuart. These 22,000 acres are being restored to the original hydrology and the varied habitat supports deer, hog, turkey, bald eagles and other wildlife. Birding is a popular activity here. A dirt road leads you 7.5 miles past hiking trails, campsites and wetlands until you reach Shell Lake and its fishing pier. It’s peaceful and un-crowded.

Land Rover

Further south is the 60,000 plus acre wildlife rich J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area. The north and south entrances can be accessed from SR 710/Beeline Highway and Seminole Pratt Whitney Road, respectively. For thousands of years, Native Americans lived here building ceremonial and burial mounds. Two significant archeological sites have been discovered along with canals, middens, ponds and other earthworks. In recent history, Seminole Indians from Georgia and Alabama sought refuge from the U.S. Army in Hungryland Slough until starvation forced them to surrender. Local ranchers referred to this area as the Hungryland. The 1960’s saw a frenzy of canal digging that forever changed the water flow to the Everglades and east to the coast. Efforts are underway to undo the bad and restore the good.

Land Rover

So how did the Diesel Sport do? Granted these roads were not too challenging but we did find a little mud and ruts, of course this was not even noticed by the Sport. Comfort, fit and finish was all top notch. The real star however is the new Turbo Diesel with impressive fuel economy! Besides being frugal with the fuel the Diesel Sport is more than peppy, providing fast, quiet acceleration. What’s not to like? Maybe we could “borrow” one for a few more days…where do we go next?!