Discover North America Expedition- (DNA-X) 2011

August 29th, 2011 by

Well, we’re on the road again! Blog readers from last year may remember we traveled aboard “Blackie” our 2008 Range Rover Sport. We figured after almost 14,000 miles she deserved a vacation! This time our trusty steed is a gray 2007 LR3 purchased at Land Rover Palm Beach a couple of years ago. Due to the fact that we also have a blue, 2006 LR3, we had to name them to make things less confusing. Hence they are referred to as LRG (gray) and LRB (blue). I admit these are not very creative names but “G” and “B” don’t seem to mind. G has been outfitted for some serious off-roading that we plan to do. We are heading west to meet up with our son and LRB in Colorado where we plan to trek into the haboo where these vehicles really excel.

We make a stop in Pennsylvania at a private lodge in the Allegany Mountains. The Lodge at Glendorn has cozy cabins, excellent food and many activities but if you like to fly fish this is your place. We didn’t realize that right outside our door was a trout stream filled with fish! There are also several lakes on the 1200-acre property. We figured we would be remiss if we didn’t try fishing so we talked with one of their knowledgeable Orvis guides who aimed us in the right direction. We had so much fun we decided to add it to our trip activities list.
DNA-XHeading west across the prairies we enter the endless Ocean of Corn. Slightly off our route is Chicago the most populous mid-western city. Sitting along the shores of Lake Michigan it has rightfully earned the knick name “the Windy City”. As we pull into the downtown area we are impressed how clean the city appears. Whoever is in charge of the gardening should get the “best flowers” award! We decide to stay at the Drake Hotel, a Chicago landmark built in the 1920’s. Good food can be found in any direction and the shopping is notable along the “Magnificent Mile” Best of all is the public 26 miles of waterfront which is a combination of beach, boardwalk, walking/biking trails and parks. We were lucky to enjoy a beautiful day walking the beaches and city streets. Have lunch or dinner at Rosebuds on Rush Street, great Italian fare.

Leaving the city we continue across the plains and experience a variety of weather including severe thunderstorms and hail. G suffers a hit from a rock spun off a passing semi-tractor trailer. The quarter sized crack in the windshield is a concern and Jay puts some tape on it in hopes of keeping moisture out. Of course the next morning we encounter severe storms and high winds, we hope it will hold together!