A Closer Look- 2010 Range Rover Sport HSE

August 18th, 2009 by

2010 Range Rover Sport HSE

Over the last few weeks, after reading online reviews and speaking with numerous interested clients, I kept hearing that most don’t really see a difference in the 2010 Sport verses the outgoing model. The exterior is indeed very similar to the 2009 aside from a few styling cues; sleeker grille and bumper,LED headlights, updated taillights and set of new wheels. However, upon getting a closer look at the 2010 Sport in person today as it rolled off the truck, I realized that driving and seeing it up close makes all the difference. While the exterior maintains it’s overall original distinct styling, the interior craftsmanship and all new engine are the real story behind the 2010 Sport HSE.

The completely new direct injection 5.0 liter naturally aspirated V8 with 375 horsepower/375 lb.ft of torque and ZF HP28 6-speed automatic transmission are hard not to notice on your first drive. With a push of a button the new engine comes to life effortlessly and warms up faster thanks to a new reverse flow cooling system that also optimizes fuel efficiency. The super-smooth 6 speed transmission and improved throttle response create a direct and powerful acceleration that almost rivals last years Supercharged model. The Sport HSE has upped it’s performance from Car and Driver’s clocked 8.7 seconds to 7.2 seconds 0-60. Along with a more powerful engine, Land Rover made the Sport more efficient despite the increased horsepower. The new V8’s high pressure, spray guided direct fuel injection system optimizes combustion while the new variable camshaft timing system, camshaft profile switching and variable inlet manifold all interact to ensure the engine is optimized for fuel efficiency throughout the range. Land Rover is reporting a 25% increase in efficiency from 2009.

The handling has also improved with new adaptive shock absorbers that mitigate body roll and continually adjust to provide a more stable and comfortable ride. Land Rover also enhanced the 2010 Sport’s stopping power to handle the more powerful engine by implementing larger 14.2 inch ventilated front disc brakes.

Once you’ve had a chance to digest the new engine capabilities you start to acknowledge the quality of interior refinement around you. The elegant and ergonomic design, high-quality materials and finish are unmatched by the competition. The center console still divides the cabin into a cockpit like surrounding, however the layout and controls have been modernized and denote a tremendous leap for Land Rover’s urban Sport Tourer. Perhaps Land Rover realized the Sport should be built to handle both the pavement or rocky terrain but it’s amenities should be focused toward the city driver. The Sport has not only improved upon it’s street cred, it now maintains the level of refinement one might find in an Aston Martin. Almost every inch of the newly designed interior is covered in luxurious wood trim, noble finish accents or supple leather.
2010 Range Rover Sport HSEThe integration of new technologies like the superior TFT (Thin Foil Transistor) center cluster and push-button start are seamlessly implementetd into the overall elegant cabin design. The TFT information screen, an advancement on liquid crystal display, performs faster than LCD allowing for larger screen sizes, higher resolutions and affords a better view from any angle. The redesigned steering wheel includes an audio and information interface with larger buttons for on-the-go ease of use. The steering wheel controls also operate phone, navigation, voice and driver information without taking your hands off the wheel.
Along with a new HDD navigation system, the Sport now features a rearview back-up camera previously exclusive to the full-size Range Rover. An all new Surround Camera System is also available that includes a total of 5 cameras around the vehicle to assist in low speed maneuvering. Other technology upgrades include standard Smart Key, optional Adaptive Cruise Control and digital radio.

2010 Range Rover Sport HSEThe 2010 Sport has been stamped as a “refresh” however the new power and revamped interior challenges that notion when experiencing the 2010 behind the wheel. While the exterior design remains true to the traditional Rover styling, the real changes lie within; under the hood and in the cabin.
Bring it! When the 2010 Range Rover Sport Supercharged model arrives we will feature a post on the new features and upgrades including the new “Dynamic” mode on the Terrain Response system, Adaptive Dynamics and the all new powerhouse 5.0 liter 510 horsepower LR V8. Stay tuned!