Meridian Offers Unique Approach to In-Car Audio

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A partnership between two  industry leading British brands like Land Rover and Meridian might be expected. What might not be expected is the British audio company’s unique approach to in-car audio. Meridian exclusively introduced their state-of-the-art surround sound system to the Land Rover brand with the 2013 Range Rover Evoque. Designed specifically for the interior of the Evoque cabin, Meridian incorporated it’s Tri-Field Processing System, Digital Active Loud Speakers and Cabin Correction. The result was an authenticity of sound and outstanding clarity for each and every passenger.

Meridian Speaker on 2014 Range Rover door.

A world leader specializing in Hi-Fidelity audio and video since 1977, Meridian was the first company to introduce digital active loud speakers and also created the first digital surround-sound processor and the first DSP-based digital active loudspeakers. When Meridian began working on it’s first in-car system with Land Rover they insisted on offering lossless compression data format to preserve the audio quality of the CD. Inturn the 17 speaker, 825 watt system in the Evoque Pure Premium package offers a 10-disc Virtual CD Changer with Hard Drive. Lossless compression data format is a class of data compression algorithms that allows original data to be perfectly reconstructed from the compressed data. Other compressed data formats like MP3, WMA, AAC typically lose sound quality and detail. While it was important to Meridian to offer the best format available, it was still necessary to offer ease of Bluetooth streaming audio, MP3, and iPod integration. In-cabin surround sound expertly integrated to fit each cabin of the Range Rover line-up makes lesser formats sound good and lossless format sound incredible.

Select the Meridian soft key for dynamic surround sound clarity; Setting>Audio Settings>Meridian.

While some audio companies offer in-car surround sound, none do it quite like Meridian. In the front of the cabin is the central speaker located on the dash. When the Meridian soft key is selected on the touch screen, standard stereo mode is disabled and the Tri-Field processing begins managing how sound is distributed around the cabin. Digital Signal Processing (DPS) also manages how the audio signals cross over from one loud speaker to another. Together the trio equal a cohesive three and create a sound field around each passenger. Meridian was also smart in the placement of the subwoofer. Most in-car audio systems have a heavy subwoofer or bass sound towards the back seat but with the Tri-Field technology each passenger experiences sound that is localized and authentic.

TFT Driver Dash Screen offers Audio playback details

Meridian approached in-car audio technology quite the same way they take on their extremely high-tech, high-end home audio and cinema systems. With the inclusion of their Cabin Correction component the system balances sound not only in the cabin but takes into account ambient sounds like road noise. Each Range Rover model; the full-sized 2014 Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque and newly released 2014 Range Rover Sport have a system uniquely designed for optimal sound quality and delivery.

A typical Meridian in-home installation for custom speakers can cost between $4,000-$45,000 and adding a pre-amp can range from $16,000-$25,000. All of the Range Rover models come standard with Meridian systems but you might find upgrading to the premium systems a ‘no-brainer’.

2014 Range Rover Evoque Meridian Premium Audio Upgrade; Surround Sound System; 825 Watts, 17 speakers
• Included in Pure Premium Package, $7,600 5-door, $4600 Coupe.

2014 Range Rover Sport Meridian Premium Audio Upgrade; Surround Sound System, 825 watts, 19 speakers + subwoofer, satellite and HD radio
• Optional on SE, HSE and Supercharged for $1,950; standard on Autobiography

2014 Range Rover Meridian Premium Audio Package Upgrade; Surround Sound System, 825 watts, 19 speakers + subwoofer
• Optional on Range Rover, HSE, and Supercharged

2014 Range Rover Autobiography Edition
• Standard Meridian Signature Reference Audio with 1700 watts, 29 speakers and 3D Surround Sound.

For more questions about the Meridian Surround Sound system for Land Rover or to order your new Range Rover please contact Land Rover Palm Beach at 866-800-8206.

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