2022 Range Rover Plug-In Hybrid Overview & Charging Guide

2022 Range Rover Plug In Hybrid

Are you considering leasing or purchasing the new Range Rover Plug-In Hybrid for your West Palm Beach commute? We don’t blame you—the Land Rover PHEV is an incredible vehicle that provides the perfect mix of fuel efficiency and luxury. But you likely have questions, like how does the Range Rover PHEV work? Does the Range Rover PHEV self-charge? What are the different options for Range Rover EV charging? Land Rover Palm Beach is here to tell you anything you everything you need to know about this remarkable vehicle, so keep reading for the answers.

How Does the Range Rover PHEV Work?

Like a lot of Delray Beach drivers, you may be wondering about what differentiates a plug-in hybrid vehicle for a “regular”, or mild hybrid. How does the Range Rover PHEV work? Like a regular hybrid that is not plugged in, the Range Rover PHEV has both an electric motor and a combustion gas engine that work in tandem to propel the car. Unlike a hybrid that is not plugged in, a plug-in hybrid can run for a short distance solely on electric power.

Does the Range Rover PHEV Self-Charge?

So, it can be charged by being plugged in, but does the Range Rover PHEV self-charge? The technical answer is, yes, it does self-charge through a process called regenerative braking. This process uses the kinetic energy that is produced when the vehicle brakes to charge the battery. However, this will not fully charge the battery, so you will still need to plug it in at some point.

Range Rover EV Charging Methods

There are basically three ways to charge a Land Rover PHEV. Here are the different Range Rover EV charging methods:

  • Level 1 Home Charging – Uses the cord that comes with the car and a standard wall outlet. May take up to 24 hours to charge.
  • Level 2 Home Charging – Used a home charging wall unit that needs to be professionally installed. Takes up to 5 hours to charge.
  • Public Charging – Uses public charging station. Can charge up to 80% in less than an hour.

Come Check Out the New Range Rover Plug-In Hybrid at Land Rover Palm Beach

Are you ready to get behind the wheel of this Land Rover PHEV? You can do that today at our dealership. If you’d like to learn more, read about the benefits of driving a hybrid . We’d love to help you drive home in this impressive SUV. We’re just down the road from both Boca Raton and Wellington. So, drop by or call us at 561-408-0149 today.


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