2024 Defender vs. 2023 Audi Q8

2024 Land Rover Defender
2024 Defender


2023 Audi Q8
5 to 8

Seating Capacity

2-door or 4-door

Available Body Styles

4-door only
4-wheel drive


All-wheel drive
8,200 pounds

Maximum Towing Capacity

7,700 pounds
76.1 cubic feet

Maximum Cargo Capacity

60.7 cubic feet

Have you been busy making luxury SUV comparisons, trying to decide which high-end vehicle to bring home to Delray Beach? If you’re considering a 2024 Defender or Audi Q8, you have fine taste. Both of these luxury SUVs would make a stunning addition to your driveway, but looks are only surface level. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that the 2024 Defender has quite a bit more to offer to your driving experience in Boca Raton. Compare the 2024 Defender vs. Audi Q8 to learn more.

2024 Land Rover Defender vs. 2023 Audi Q8: Versatility & Seating Capacities

One major difference between the 2024 Defender and Audi Q8 is their configuration options and seating capacities. With the Defender, you can choose between 2-door and 4-door configurations, and the seating capacity ranges from 5 to 8 passengers. The Audi Q8 offers much less versatility with only one standard 4-door configuration and a 5-passenger limit. Learn more about how the Defender accommodates drivers of all proclivities:

2024 Defender Configurations & Seating Capacities

  • Defender 90 – Two doors, five seats or six seats w/ optional third-row jump seat
  • Defender 110 – Four doors, five seats or seven seats w/ optional third-row bench seat
  • Defender 130 – Four doors, eight seats

2023 Audi Q8 Configurations & Seating Capacities

  • Four doors standard, two-door is unavailable
  • Five seats maximum

2024 Land Rover Defender vs. 2023 Audi Q8: Cargo Capacity

Another important difference between the 2024 Defender and Audi Q8 is the amount of cargo space you can access. With the exception of the 2-door Defender 190, the Defender provides significantly more cargo storage than the Audi Q8. So, whether you’re bringing hiking gear, sports equipment, or a stroller and changing bag on your journeys, the Defender can hold it all and leave some room behind for other things. Compare the cargo space of each 2024 Defender vs. the Audi Q8, below:

2024 Defender Cargo Capacities

Defender 90

  • Volume behind First Row: 58.3 cubic feet
  • Volume behind Second Row: 10.5 cubic feet

Defender 110

  • Volume behind First Row: 69.0 cubic feet
  • Volume behind Second Row: 34.6 cubic feet
  • Volume behind Third Row: 10.7 cubic feet

Defender 130

  • Volume behind First Row: 76.1 cubic feet
  • Volume behind Second Row: 35.8 cubic feet
  • Volume behind Third Row: 15.3 cubic feet

2023 Audi Q8 Cargo Capacity

  • Volume behind First Row: 60.7 cubic feet
  • Volume behind Second Row: 30.5 cubic feet

2024 Land Rover Defender vs. 2023 Audi Q8: Capabilities

From the busy streets of Wellington to sandy trails, the Defender is built to tackle all types of terrain and make it look effortless. Rugged 4×4 capabilities are built into every new Defender, plus, you get a hefty 8,200-pound maximum available towing capacity, so you can bring your boat out anytime you need a relaxing day on the water.

If the question is whether the 2024 Defender or Audi Q8 offers better and more versatile capabilities, the answer is the Defender. The Audi Q8 is mostly suited for urban driving, with all-wheel drive as the standard drivetrain. If you attempt to take an Audi Q8 on technical terrain, you could find yourself stuck pretty quickly. You’re also more limited in terms of towing capacity, as the Audi Q8 can only tow up to 7,700 pounds — 500 pounds less than the Defender.

Continue Your Luxury SUV Comparison at Land Rover Palm Beach

So, are you leaning towards the 2024 Defender or Audi Q8? If you like to have options and you want a vehicle that’s truly tailored to your needs, the 2024 Defender is a clear choice! Test drive a Defender today at Land Rover Palm Beach! Contact us to plan your visit, and be sure to check out our Defender incentives. Our team will help you drive away in a luxury SUV that you’re excited about in every way.


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