DNA-X #8 2012 Inner Earth and Outer Space

April 24th, 2013 by

Heading south into the lonely desert of mysterious New Mexico, the land flattens out and the towns become further apart. So far on this expedition we had dry weather but ominous dark clouds shrouded the horizon. We aimed for the city of Roswell where in 1947 an alleged alien spacecraft crashed in a farmer’s field. The ensuing investigation/cover-up/confusion about the ‘Roswell Incident’ has put the city on the map where every year UFO fans come from all around to ogle the evidence and decipher history. The military’s explanation of the event is the standard ‘weather balloon’ story. Funny how balloons are usually round and move slowly but reports have these saucer shaped UFOs moving fast and…well just another New Mexico enigma?
DNA-X crew

To start our own investigation we pulled into the International UFO Museum & Research Center to take a look. It was a step back in time where the exhibits seemed to be vintage 1963 and the ‘facts’ were faded newspaper clipping and unidentifiable metal parts and debris. It was a meld of humorous plastic little green men and logs of eyewitness accounts. After our tour we checked out town, the streetlights looked like alien heads and everywhere we saw some sort of strangeness. In order to get a souvenir for a friend we went into two shops and discovered an uncanny alien likeness of the shops proprietors. They claimed business was good and had ‘moved here to enjoy the dry climate’…hummm.
DNA-X crew

Suddenly the rain arrived and after a mad dash to the car we continued south to Carlsbad. The further south we went the more oil and gas rigs we found. New Mexico is riding the fossil fuel wave like North Dakota and the development craze is out of control. Also out of control was the weather, this is the desert right? Somehow we had driven into the torrential remains of a tropical storm! We thought we were safe from that here? Not today. Record rain fell causing flash floods and slowing our pace to a crawl. Luckily “G” was a pro at wet conditions and we arrived in Carlsbad safely.
DNA-X crew
The rain delayed our plans to visit famous Carlsbad Caverns National Park until the morning. We planned to be there at opening which worked out perfectly and after a slow elevator ride down 800 feet into the earth we had the massive cavern to ourselves! Over 260 million years ago an inland sea covered the region where a reef developed and was eventually covered by forest as sea level receded.  Drop by drop acidic water dissolved the limestone rocks and trickled into the subterranean caverns creating an amazing array of fantastic formations. Carlsbad Caverns is but one of over 300 known caves in the area some of which stretch over 100 miles! The long drive into the desert is well worth it and do plan to be at the cave’s natural entrance at sunset to witness the exit of hundreds of thousands of bats as they spiral out of the cave for the night hunt.

The flash floods had closed our route out of town. We were about as far south in the state as we could go and east was where we aimed. The mystique of this state had us puzzled. Aliens, floods in the desert, massive caves, ancient civilizations, nuclear weapons, mutilated cattle, secret government projects, windswept mesas, the silence…yes the silence…somewhere… there’s a whisper…